1st MetaFam Alignment - Liminal Village, Italy

As you may already know: after postponing for more than a year, a lot of uncertainty & still with a bit of covid restrictions, MetaFam will finally be aligning (as in, meeting in physical space) for the first time ever. :scream:

We’ll be meeting in a place called the Liminal Village, in Italy, to chill, align & hack along.

Liminal Village? Hack along?

  • Liminal Village is a space where this awesome crypto dude who bought the place a few years back, hosts other awesome people & facilitates hackalongs.
  • Hackalongs are collaborative hackathons where its about aligning people on a mission & co-creation rather than competition.
  • More on the whole thing.

The thing is in sync with the lunar cycle, going through different phases & lasts a full month. Seems like a pretty cool system but I won’t get into details here, you can read all about it on the Liminal Village website linked above.

Its not just about hacking; we’re doing this to finally meet in real life & spend some time together, but the hacking part will be focused on preparing for Season 4 - Autumn, which is currently set to be the final season of Phase I :eyes:

As the number of spaces is super limited, the hacking part will also have a huge online component & we’ll try to include the wider community as much as possible.


  • September 4th until 27th
  • Yep, time to FOMO! :upside_down:

How to join?

There’s only a few spots, respond below if you’re interested :point_down:


Who started the Liminal Village? I read the website. Phenomenal.

Looks really nice! Do you have any idea if this accessible with an electric wheelchair?

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This does look really cool! Looks like I might be able to make it there. Maybe the 1st through the 10th/11th? Is there further info somewhere like on cost, travel arrangements, etc?

Are there still spots available? This sounds incredible :slight_smile:

There actually is! Just 2 weeks 2 late :man_facepalming: