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Welcome to MetaGame! :octopus:

Hello and welcome to MetaGame forum! I am a MetaGamer much like you. This is a quick post to introduce myself, tell you a little about what I am doing, what I want to be doing and ask you to tell a little bit about wha…

20 25 June 2020
How to Play MetaGame

So you’ve been tumbling down this rabbit hole & are wondering how to actually start playing it? :thinking: Right. Well, let’s get you geared up for your MetaGame adventure! :cowboy_hat_face: :exclamation: Note: While t…

4 25 May 2020
About the 📮 Start Here category 1 18 April 2020
Who are you, really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: 34 30 June 2020
Questions, questions & answers :face_with_monocle: 10 9 June 2020
The MetaManifesto - Way of MetaFam 14 2 May 2020